Мы все придумали сами, даже того, кто придумал нас (с)/ Принц с принципами
угу, решила поделиться вот этим:

и еще вот...забыла, что сюда можно выложить:

Lilac kimono

He wraps her in the sorrow
Plain and lasting like the silk
And grief is spread beneath her
Dried and silent like a desert.

He spared her once from death,
He was a cruel savior.
And tears full of regret
Stream down the pallid face.

Farther than the horizon,
He seeks his own belief.
So far and without her
In ever roaming thoughts.

She was a barren flower
On his untrodden path.
Admired for an hour
And simply cast aside.

@темы: Matsumoto Rangiku, скриншоты